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I am looking for a cost effective PSU and i dont plan on OCing, though i am gettting the GTX285. The power calculter says i require 370W, so im thinking Gigabyte ODIN 470W, or 585W. However someone told me there is not enough 6pins? is my ODIN 470 fine?
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  1. Forget about the GTX285 and grab a HD5850. An 80+ 500W PSU of a quality brand will do for HD5850.

    HD5750 and HD5850 are the only reasonably priced DX11 card IMO.
  2. ^+1.
    HD 5850 is a much better deal.

    Its power consumption is lesser than a GTX 285.
    You will be fine with any quality 500W PSU as andy said!!

    Some links to quality PSU:

    Corsair 550VX:

    OCZ MXS 500W:

    OCZ MXS 600W :

    All are good PSU.Though the Corsair offers better quality :)
  3. Agreed^^ im a very happy 5850 owner :)
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