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Ok. Here's the situation:

I have an ECS G33T-M2 motherboard. I used to have DDR2 800 RAM, but I recently got some Ballistix DDR2 PC8500 1066 RAM. I didn't realize at the time when I bought the RAM that my motherboard only supported up to DDR2 PC6400 RAM. However, I recently heard there was a way of "tweaking" a motherboard to support higher RAM speeds than it says. I ask this because I want to be able to utilize the full speed of my RAM to increase the performance of my computer, but I don't have the money to buy a new motherboard.

I heard one suggestion say that it involved something along the lines of a "hacked" third party BIOS that I would flash. Another suggestion was something about overclocking. I'm pretty sure that overclocking isn't what I'm looking for. What can I do, if anything, to be able to utilize the full speed of my RAM with this motherboard?
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  1. There is no real world performance difference between 800 MHz and 1066 MHz operating speed when it comes to ram.. Now, even propriety BIOS flashing is not always safe.. On that note, you are better off not trying any hacked BIOS stuff as it might render your motherboard a complete useless..
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    ^+1 Even if there is a difference, using human limited senses, it's negligible. Pursuit for performance needs to be balanced with an adequate technical knowledge. If you're not sure, don't do it. BIOS hacking? You might find yourself moping over a dead motherboard if you attempt to do that. :no:
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