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Hardware RAM Voltage MOD

January 3, 2013 10:50:22 AM

I am on a mission to figure out a way to increase the voltage to my ram. I have BSEL modded and voltage modded my way up to 3.3 Ghz. A drop further and my ram commits suicide.

My BIOS and MOBO do not agree with the idea. I have a locked oem dell. :fou: 

Anyway the real point of this thread is to talk about forcing my ram to a higher voltage. With DDR I have connected a variable voltage connection wired directly into a Vdd pin on ram slot 0. I made the line with a simple voltage divider and potentiometer.

Is this feasible with DDR2? I have done some digging and haven't found anyone attempting it. I do believe with DDR2 a voltage divider is not going to be enough for the Vsupply. I was thinking a LM317 adjustable voltage regulator from Radioshack. It can assuredly create a stable 2.1 V output.

The real questions are, do all DDR2 RAM slots share the same Vdd line? What else on my computer may share the same 1.8 V line, and will it mind going up to 2.1 V ? How will the system that is driving the 1.8 V line feel about it being set to 2.1 V? Supposedly my MOBO is compatible with 2.1 V ram and can even output 2.1 V if not for the locked BIOS...

Has anyone seen anything like this done or attempted?