Gaming rig or ps3?

tuff call eh?
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  1. I'd go w/ the PC
    its more versatile, and you can get extremely amazing resolution w/ AA (if you have the funds)

    PS3 is cheaper... but a PC is in my opinion a better deal
    (i have both btw)
  2. I also own both and I spend more time using my PC than the PS3. However, the PS3 is useful for BluRay and streaming video to the TV.
  3. I use my PC for both of those...
    before i hooked an HDMI to my TV, i used to stream my movies and shows to the PS3 and then watch it on TV.
    internal BluRay drivers are getting cheaper to buy, and they are very easy to install, you just need a free SATA port on the motherboard.
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