Memory keeps failing Memtest, every few days.

Mobo: Asrock 800g Extreme3:

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition

So apparently the default timings that the motherboard uses cause this ram to screw up and BSoD. After fixing the timings to what the ram reccomends the computer worked fine, and passed Memtest86+ and Prime95 with no problems.

Then after a few days my computer would fail to install programs, and have all corrupt downloads, sure enough I run Memtest and it comes back with errors.

Looked around the internet, it was suggested that I raise the NB and DRAM voltage. Run Memtest86, and its working fine, comp runs smoothe again.

Then after about a week I get the same exact problems as before... and what do you know? ram fails Memtest.

and on and on over and over same pattern. I raise voltage a little, or slow down timings ( I slowed down the timings and lowered the volatage... because you can't raise voltage forever...) a little, changing things as little as possible, and each time the ram works fine for a few days then starts screwing up.

So does anyone know wtf is going on?
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  1. Use RAM from the {QVL} list - My assumption is that your choice in RAM is the problem; incompatibility.

    Otherwise, bad BIOS settings. To rule-out, Clear CMOS and ONLY Load Optimized then run Memtest 2 passes. If it passes then it was/is your BIOS. Best Pratices dictate the use of either Certified QVL or Tested RAM per RAM Mfg website {unavailable for your MOBO}.

    If you're stuck on keeping you UnCertified/UnTested RAM then start a ticket with G.SKILL they may have the "magical" BIOS tweak -
    Technical Support (USA Technical support phone number 1-909-598-6860)

    Most importantly, I ass-u-me that you installed the 1600 MHz RAM in the correct slots {2 Slots Furthest from CPU}:
    "If you adopt DDR3 1800/1600 memory modules on this motherboard,
    it is recommended to install them on DDR3_A2 and DDR3_B2 slots."

    Good Luck!
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