Check before final Build ~$800 AMD gaming computer

Hopefully this is my final check before I build it! lol I've been waiting and I havent noticed anything besides the prices going up so I'm buying now! I already have a thermaltake V9 case:

Heres the rest of my build.




Hard drive:

DVD writer/burner:

The whole build is $858 but it does have $60 in MIRs and there a $10 code on the PSU.
Is everything compatible? I am planning on crossfiring another 5850 in the future but thats down the road. I chose the ram because its cas latency 7 and I chose that GPU(at $325)/CPU combo because of its $35 combo discount which puts it cheaper than getting a $309 5850 and a $160 AMD 955 BE. I chose the PSU because it can crossfire and its cheap for a 700w. The reason why i chose the hard drive is obvious and the DVD writer is good.

Any compatibility issues or better deals or comments will be appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. Do you require an OS or HSF for overclocking?? I would suggest Win7 Home Preimum 64-bit & Cooler Master Hyper 212+.

    Also, your PSU will not perform well with two 5850's. A crossfire setup requires four PCI-E connectors and it only comes with two. You could run with adpators but I'm a firm believer your PSU should have all of the major connectors required without the need for an adpator.
  2. My brother is providing a OS, windows XP. Unless you really recommend windows 7. I was planning on OCing but not unless I have to. I dont care to play all games at MAX settings, im mainly going to be playing source games. I just realized that with PSU, what would you recommend with the PSU?
  3. What about this PSU?
    Its about $20 cheaper overall with the code than that PSU and it looks the same.
    Will either PSU be able to run dual 5850's?
  4. Both would be able to run dual 5850's just fine.
  5. I would go with duk3's combo since it replaces your current PSU & MOBO combo. As stated by anonymousdude, both PSU's will work.

    XP will work (free) but you are buying a top tier GPU with DX11 and will limit it to just DX9. I would make the jumb to Win7, if you can afford it. If you are going to stick with XP, you might want to see if you can find an ATI 4890 for your system. It will perform just as well for your needs at less money.
  6. do urself a favor and get some better name brand/quality RAM.

    I bought the same exact board and CPU as you did though, and booyyy it is fast! This puppy can cook and burn DVD movies under 10 minutes. my old 3.2GHZ hyperthread PC took hours to do that.

    I purchased the adata RAM though, and it is for sure compatible with your board as I have the same board. You're saving the time to turn in a mail-in rebate also, so ya can't go wrong there :)
  7. I was trying to decide between the mushkin and the adata but I chose the adata because it has a cas latency of 7 and the adata has 9. Is there much of a difference in 9 and 7 cas latency?
    And with the PSU, its actually cheaper for me get the antec in stead of the corsair PSU. THe antec has the $20 code that makes it cheaper to get the mobo and the antec PSU separately than the corsair/mobo combo. But is there much of a difference between the two?
  8. ^The Antec is actually the better unit. That promo is one of the best psu deals I've seen in months.

    Antec: 9.5 perfomance rating

    Corsair: 8.5 performance rating
  9. Alright thanks! I might get Windows 7, so that puts my budget down a bit. I want to down grade the mobo and cpu to compensate because I want to keep the video card. But AM3 boards are better and future proofed, what should I do?
  10. bump
  11. a cas latency of 7 compared to 9 on the same mhz then cas 7 would be better. It isn't that noticeable under normal use. Since the two are so close in price just get the cas 7 and be happy. As for the mobo I strongly recommend getting an am3 board as thuban amd's 6 core processors will support it. For the processor though if all you are doing is gaming dropping to a athlon II 630 or phenom 720 should not impact performance too much and you can always upgrade to a 6 core in the future if you want.
  12. A 720 OEM is about the same price as a 4 core athlon now. Not many games use 4 cores really and the 720 has a L3 cache. How is the overclocking on a 720 compared to a 630 or any 4 core athlon?
  13. overclocking a 720 is easier because of its unlocked multiplier and it should have more headroom than a athlon II. This of course is very dependent on the individual chip. I would get the 720 if all you are doing is strictly gaming and want to have an easier time overclocking. You also have a chance to unlock the 4th core on the 720.
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