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Stupid question, I currently have 2 GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB in a SLI capable motherboard, going on 2 years old. I'm not inclined or capable to upgrade the mobo to switch to Xfire at this time. Would one of the Raedon 5750 HD 1GB be a significant upgrade at this time or should I hold out?
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  1. No it wouldn't. The 8800GTS 512mb is a good card. It's actually been renamed/branded 3 times now and is still being sold by Nvidia as the GTS 250. The HD5750 is only about 10-15% more powerful than one 8800GTS and two in SLI probably can only be beaten by an HD5850 or HD5870.
  2. Yup, stick with what you have.
    Your current setup should perform about like a GTX285 or 5850...
  3. Thanks for the tips.
  4. So follow up question, is there a singular card on the market right now that would be a significant upgrade?
  5. A 5870, GTX 295 or 5970 would give you a good performance boost (20%+).
    Anything slower would be more of a sideways upgrade...
  6. Sort of a side question, One of my cards apparently died last night. Is this a fluke or are video cards usually good for about 2 years ish?
  7. Looking at a 5850 at this point. Just trying to justify the price.
  8. A dead card can be happened to anyone.
    My HIS X1650 Pro is still alive until now(3 years). :)

    So if u want to upgrade then a single HD5870 or HD5970 is a good choice.
  9. panzuriel said:
    Looking at a 5850 at this point. Just trying to justify the price.

    I would recommend limping along on a single card for the next ten or so days.
    Fermi is slated to be released towards the end of the month and the buzz is that it will probably be priced fairly competitively with ATI's offerings.
    Expect the price wars to begin soon :D

    Yeah, it is unfortunate but GPU failures can happen.
    Sometimes you get lucky and they last forever, other times something just fails...

    See if you can locate your invoice for it.
    If it is still under warranty, RMA it then sell the new card to help offset the cost of your upgrade.
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