P7p55d deluxe cooler master boot up problem

I hope this is the right fourm. I found a thread on here were someone had alsmost the same problem but this place is so hughe i could not find thread.
Ok first build her
p7p55d deluxe
I7 860 1156 cpu
8 gb corsair xm33
nvidia 9500 geforce cards
WDC cavair hard drives
3 accesory fans
850w cooler master 80 bronze power supply

i covered all the test from previous thread on this subject the difference is after about 6 to 10 times of turning off and on in 1 second intervals the computer fires up and runs fine and all systems pass . I contacted cooler master and did jum test with power supply and it passed. i took board out of case and that dont help either. If i disconect all my fans except the CPU fan it boots up with out a problem but if it has been running for awhile and shut down and try to strat up it does the fasle starts about 6 times before starting.

Thank you for you time and input
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  1. Check your cable connections and try setting up your drives using the manufacturer's software, unless you use a raid array. When using multiple drives, windows may get confused if a hardrive cable is loose or one of the drives isn't formated properly. I use maxblast 5 and select only one drive as the boot device; all the rest are set up as secondary drives behind my ssd. Or you may simply need to change a bios setting under the ide settings. Hard to say without seeing your bios options.
  2. Turned out to be PSU. used volt meter and found yellow wire is 10 volts instead of 12. I usued a PSU from old system and PC fired right up.

    Thank you for your time
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