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Stupid question, I currently have 2 GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB in a SLI capable motherboard, going on 2 years old. I'm not inclined or capable to upgrade the mobo to switch to Xfire at this time. Would one of the Raedon 5750 HD 1GB be a significant upgrade at this time or should I hold out?
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  1. Duplicate post. Could an admin Delete?
  2. Single 5750 will be a downgrade.
    You'll lose on performance. You're cards are still quite capable.
    So keep them :)
  3. B4 admin deletes this...Why don't you choose the best answer....;)
  4. Stay with 8800 in sli. Upgrade is Ati 5850 or 5770 in crossfire
  5. If you want an upgrade you need to go with at least a Radeon 5850 or 4870X2. A GTX 285 would be about as good as your setup now and anything lower would be a downgrade. Since you have an SLI setup I suggest you wait till march when nVidia launches their new cards. At the very least that will drive down prices (assuming nVidia can afford to do so) so you could perhaps get a Radeon 5870 and use one of your 8800 GTS cards as a PhysX card :D.
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