Xp os is not booting on boot priority setting

i am struggling to install Windows XP, I am unable to boot os.BIOS is 2002 ver, board;ASUS please help me...
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If he boot order is set to CD first, and the XP CD in the drawer is bootable, you should see a very brief message to "Press any key to boot form CD" even though you already told it to. If you miss that message, the system will search the hard disk for NTLDR and fail to find it.

  2. Quote:
    u don't do anything but put the disc in then shut down & restart then it will boot to the player & start the ibstall

    No it won't. Read what I posted and you'll know what really happens in XP.

    Why do you keep posting into threads which are already dealt with?
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