PDC E5700 + GA-G41-Combo(2.0) CPU Overheating

Hi all,

My PDC e5700 processor is overheating but still stable. I dont know how to reduce the heat.
Please help me.

My Mobo is GigaByte Ga-G41-Combo (rev 2.0). All on stocks.

On full load(prime95)

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  1. what type of cooler do you have? is it active, pasive? properly attached? has thermal paste?
  2. I have the stock cooler given by intel, i dint overclock it. S it has thermal paste..
  3. reduce the vcore from bios ,,,it helped me cool down my c2d from 62* to 32* idle,for some reason the default optimized values of this board,,were heating my cpu for no reason !
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