Is the Cool Master Cosmos S worth it?

Looking into a new system build, I'd like to ask the community if they like the CoolMaster Cosmos S case?

I know that THG had choosen it twice in a couple of their (High-End) System Builder Marathons.

I've read reviews on other sites, and such. But does anybody not like it, and why?

I tried to do a system build last month, and got a Cool Master 690, based on another THG SBM. BUT, I ended up returning the thing, because I scraped the whole upgrade I was doing. If you inquire, I'll tell why. However, the one thing I did NOT like about the CM690 case was that the hard drives go in sideways, relative to the front panel. This was great to give room for my 4870 video card, but then the SATA power cords were very cramped on the other side, and the side panel was hard to get back on. I even cut myself! And, didn't like the right side bar on/off/resst button placement. My case sits on the floor, to the right on me. The Cosmos S on/off button is on the top, and is touch sensitive!

So, I have taken advice from THG (SBM's), but what does the real world user think?

I'm looking to be future ready, and possibly water cool. I love that the case can hold up to 7-120mm fans with a massive 230mm side fan!

The one concern I have (not much), that others may comment on, is the hard drive cage. I'll probably get another cage, as I have 5 drives currently. And the cage has 1 of the fans, blowing over the HDDs. I've heard it is not too easy to get in & out.

The motherboard tray is unremovable, but I do like cable management behind it! Too bad that there is not a fan placement behind the mobo, like the CM690.

I also like the toolless removable front and side panel thingys.

I think I'm selling myself, but once again, what do the real users think? :bounce:

Best of all, I can get one from the Cool Master Store, a refurbished model, for $119.00! PLEASE leave one for me... :sarcastic:

Has anyone got one of these refurbished models?
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  1. I have the Cosmo 1000, the S is a little better, they are awesome cases, and really big.

    And I buy a couple refurbed cases from the CM store every week. Usually they are perfect, once in a while there is a small defect. Had a small bend in a side panel once that was fixed easily, and had a bad front usb, which was just a loose wire that was fixed easy as well. The rest have all been fine.
  2. I'm using a Cosmos S right now and have been completely happy with it. In my opinion it tops all of the Antec cases etc. The amount of air being moved by the top 3 120mm fans is insane. You have more room than I've ever seen in a case - It makes my ATX motherboard look like a micro atx ;]. If you're going to be using liquid cooling you have hundreds of layout options due to it's size. It's completely worth the money if you want the best.
  3. it's worth it but main reason it not very popular is price tag or the other cases in the range that are (look) better
  4. Consider a few facts.. The Cosmos S launched sometime back.. It was a great case then (still is) but the time passed has allowed the competition including CM itself to launch cases which are better on many aspects.. You can get much better cooling at that price point (even below) with other cases.. Also several cases Would've better cable management, storage room etc.. But one thing you can't take away from the cosmos would be the appearance and the design.. Although a viewers perspective but I've not found many who don't like the design (me being one as i cannot understand the logic behind the no restart button).. The side 230 mm fan provides hinderance to big coolers like the cooler master V8.. So all in all, it was great for the time it was launched but currently you can get a better product on all working aspects..
  5. Well if you want the best watercooling case ever, then get the Silverstone TJ07, it can fit a quad radiator internally.

    If you want a case that is good all around, then there are plenty.

    I HIGHLY recommend you look at the Lian Li PC-k58/60/62 or the PC-P50. They have great cooling and are completely tool less. Quite frankly, they are the easiest cases to build in that I have ever used, I used a K58 once.

    If you want extreme cooling, then I recommend getting a case and putting good fans in it since most cases come with sh1ty fans. Or you can get the CM HAF 932/922.

    Also note that side fans tend to make very little difference, since they have to push enough air to overcome the fact that they destroy the natural airflow inside the case.
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