High Temprature on FX 8150

Hello friends,

I have purchased a FX 8150 (3.6 GHz) CPU and mounted on ASUS M5A97 R2.0
I have set the bios to use all the default values (NO OVERCLOCKING).
Installed Win7 x64 Ultimate and installed the ASUS utility AI Suite (monitors the temp.)

It shows me idle CPU temp around 34c. Once i start my 3dsMax and start the actual rendering process it throws WARNING msg showing that my CPU temp is around 70c

Is it that bad to continue ? what should be my workaround ?

System is installed in CoolerMaster 690 ii chassis with 4 120 mm CoolerMaster fans for air circulation( Front and bottom 1 for intake and rear and top for exhaust)

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  1. Yes that is way hot for that chip .I have a few AMD chips 1100t 1090t and FX 8350 and they never get over 42c with all cores working @100% @ stock clocks ,aftermarket cooler , DEEPCOOL mc 3002gx , $18.00 . With stock cooler could not run the cores @100% , it would overheat like yours .
    The AMD coolers are no good , get something else , the cooler I use above keeps temps under 53c overclocked @ 3.9 for the 1090t , 4.1 on the 1100t and 4.4 on the FX 8350 , a good SILENT cooler for the mobey
  2. I want to say I built an FX-4100 system and it was around 60 C when I ran prime. Can not remember for sure, but it was also in the winter time and in a large high flow case (Corsair 650). I would recommend an after market cooler also. I am a huge fan of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Far and away the best cooler on the market for the cash, 35 bucks (maybe less), and it outperforms lots of coolers twice its price and up.
  3. here is the 8350 after 3 hours @100% cpu use using WCG B O I N C

    AND THE 1090 @3.6 after 3 hours with cpu voltage at 1.49 , temps went down 5c when i adjusted cpu voltage at 1.34
  4. so all of you suggest is replacing CPU cooler... ?

    thats it.. ? any additional cabinet fans can do the job.. ?

  5. Seems you have good case fan set up , the stock cooler is really no good if you're getting those temps it needs replacing , especially if you are doing heavy work on the computer . For just browsing the web or watching video stock is fine , encoding video , gaming or other high cpu use things a good cooler is needed .
    On mine it was hitting over 60c gaming encoding video and running WCG @ 100% , the cheap new cooler brought down temps by 20c . , well worth it
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