24+8 pin connector???? what?

I don't know much about power supplies, but I know enough to know that I've never seen this....

From what I've caught onto over the years is that most power supplies connect to the mobo 2 ways, 1 through a 24 pin connection, and another (near the cpu) 4 pin connector. The mobo I'm looking at appears to have a that 24 pin connection, but near the cpu it looks like an 8 pin connection????

Would I have to buy a new power supply for that? Or could I just plug my current 4 pin connection into the center of that or what? I'm really confused...
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    the 8pin is still your cpu plug, what you recognise as the older 4pin but most modern cpu's require more power so it changed to 8pin a while back, I have an 8pin socket but only have a 4pin plug, you can just use 4 pins no problem, it should fit into the lowermost 4 pins of the socket, not the middle, but the plug should be formfit so will only go into the right place however if you're aiming for big overclocks, get a 8pin psu to help supply the juice :)
    and the 20+4pin is same as ever although no boards I've seen use just 20 pins anymore
    hope this helps,
  2. Sweet I was hoping to hear that!

    The biggest overclock I would do is from 2.33 Ghz to 2.66, not a big deal :P (its only a core2quad :/ )
  3. You'll manage that fine on the 4pin, I have a cheapy psu and clock 3 coresx2.9Ghz up to 4 coresx3.5Ghz no problem.
    glad to help man,
  4. Oh sweet! I might even push 2.8 or if I'm feeling crazy 3.0 :D

    I'm excited now! thanks for the help!
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  6. No problems man, remember to read up on clocking your specific chip, and go slow, small steps make a great journey :)
    Thank you for B.a. man
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