Going from DIR-655 to WRT54-GL

Hey guys,
I've had a DIR-655 for a couple of months now and the reason I bought it was because my neighbor was hogging up the bandwidth with streaming videos and stuff, I already knew that the DIR-655's QoS didn't affect download speed, but other people said that the speed increased anyways while using it, I used it and the speed didn't increase, I felt no difference in using it and my 20 dollar router. Since the router is starting to screw up and there's no good firmware for the DIR-655 I'm planning to just sell it and go buy a WRT54-GL with Tomato. The only requirement for a new router is the ability to allow me to play games(almost all routers do that) and allow QoS or traffic shaping/throttling. I currently don't use wireless, and even if I do, I won't game on it so I don't need a crazy wireless speed. I know that the DIR-655 to the WRT54-GL is more of a downgrade but I really need the ability to throttle(don't have a second PC to act as server). Is there any suggestions for a new router besides the WRT54-GL w/ Tomato? Thanks guys.
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  1. Do you and your neighbor use the same internet connection? If so then I am assuming that you would be changing out the main router that both of you are connected to?
    Not quite sure how your connections are setup.
  2. Hmm, Sounded like they're being on same internet line as sharing, or is it that he is leaving the wireless open view/ sharing? Need to get into DIR-655 and set it on the WEP or WPA fix the code to share in your system so it'll block out other getting in., also can hide it so no one know you're in the view, (( you have to manual your/each pc wireless setting)) as you won't see it when you try viewing for it.
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