How fast is raid?

I understand theres different raid configurations (1, 0) etc. I plan to configure whichever increases boot times.

I have the opportunity to grab a cheap Seagate 750gb HDD

in addition to the one i already have.

Just how much will performance increase in terms of boot times?

right now my 250gb takes over 2 minutes to boot, and its starting to frustrate me. Any idea just how fast raid is? is it worth it?
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  1. Raid with mismatch size of HDD means lost space and hardly worth it
    Adding storage space could be what you need if you have close to full HDD other than that there is plenty of guides on the web to tweak settings for faster booting.
  2. If you're interested in fast boot times, I would save money for an SSD.

    To answer your question, if both disks performed equally, RAID0 would approximately double your throughput which will translate into less than a 50% reduction in boot time (probably more like 25-35% because not all of your boottime is due to drive access).
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