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Is it worthy to buy an HD4650 AGP card for my old PC?

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February 23, 2010 11:21:02 AM

-------------------------My computer-------------------------
CPU: P4 Celeron 2.26GHz
M.B.: MSI PT880 (Socket 478)
GPU: MSI GeForce 6200 512MB
RAM: DDR400 512MB x2
HDD: Samsung 80GB 2M
Power: 380W...(I forgot some details)
It's almost an old computer, but the vga card which I bought it in 2009.
My previous VGA crad was Radeon x1650 (I think it's realy a good card).
But it was burned. Before I took it to repair, I bought a HD3650.
It's really a good card too, but I return it back because I think I must repair the x1650 while the warrtanty is still valid.
But the engineer did not receive that because of some unknown object on it.
So I had not a usable card and the HD3650 was turned back.
Months later, I bought a new computer and I did not use the old one
until I bought a new card and new monitor for it (because my mom, my dad, my...also need a computer).
I bought Geforce 6200 (which produced in 2009 with a very big 512MB RAM just for a joke)
because most of the vendors had only sell it and it don't use additional power cable(but I have the cable!!!).
Now I'm looking at the HD4650 AGP (which price is around 3200 NTS ~= 100 USD). it worthy to exchange the Geforce 6200 by Radeon HD4650?
(p.s. HD4650 is ATI Stream enabled)

(Sorry for my poor English :-p)

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Best solution

February 23, 2010 1:04:48 PM

you would see a benefit but i think you would be better to save your cash and upgrade to a better cpu/mb combo.

if you could find a new amd dual core with a board with integrated Radeon 4200. this would provide you with a better experience all round and should cost just a bit more.

i would try not to spend money on a PC which is pretty much past it, eg.

single core,
1 gb ram

you dont state where you are from but in the Us the 4650 AGP is $70 - 80 which, if you spend $92 you could get all of this. i would be it would be as fast as just the GPU and it gives you the option to upgrade later.

AMD Sempron X2 2200 2.0GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor Model
ASRock N68-S AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 7025 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard with 4200 Radeon

February 23, 2010 1:12:35 PM

A 2nd hand PC like yours can be had for not much more than a graphics card you want to get. With quadcores becoming a mainstream you can get bargain prices on dual core systems now.
March 5, 2010 2:13:14 AM

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