Overclocking 2600K I7 to 4.5 cooler master 212 evo advice

I am overclocking my I7 2600k to 4.5Ghz. My question is under the insane stress tests the heat quickly gets to 76c at most 5 minutes. I already have the Evo fan at

50% at 30c
80% at 50c
100% at 60c

my question is this too much? Will it burn out the fan faster, or just require more power? Does it really matter, the fan might last as long as the computer regardless.

I read people saying they ran the torture test overnight. My computer can only handle the prime 95 torture test for like 3-5minutes. IT runs the benckmarks well, but not the torture. Any advice would be welcome.
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  1. Try a lower clock speed or better cooling solution.
  2. well what are lower cooling solutions? I could set the fan at 100% all the time, but i do not know if it can handle that. As to lowering the clock speed I am trying to see if there is alternative to that. I have already lowered it some to 4.5 from 4.6
  3. If it's stable just leave it because your CPU wont hit 100% or even near it and most games wont even use 60% at all... If your doing a test, 75*C is pretty bad, make sure it's just under 75*C not over... I'd recommending to drop your CPU to 4.4GHz or 4.2GHz because no games will benefit from your 4.5 after 4.4GHz
  4. Evo is a good budget cooler, but you're asking a lot from it.

    But... 76C is not too high, and I don't see any reason why your fan can't operate at 100%.
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    There are a lot of cooling solutions out there. It all depends on your budget.

    Personally, I think you're doing things backwards. You want to start lower, like a 3.8 and slowly work your way up. Not start at a 4.6 and slowly work your way down.
  6. I will try that.... I think voltages are stable for this clockspeed so they should be fine for ther others.
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