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some time it doesnt even response over power button press. but once in a while it boot display bios recover from error , then try to load window and gets failed.
then for many attempt it does not work at all, then instantly after leaving it idle for while start same cycle as i told earlier.
i saw hp logo some time , i say windows loading some time, what will be the problem. how to reset BIOS
if problem with bios

my laptop is HP 6530b (bussiness) core to duo processor T8600,
please reply

ks bakshi
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  1. Start by cleaning the cpu heatsink with a canned air solution, so you don't have to touch anything. I also used the same stuff today to clean the inside of my old typewriter; saved me from finding another one. Laptop boards are different from desktops; if the board has a battery, remove it and reinstall after one minute with the unit unplugged from the charger or wall. That should reset the bios.
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