XP Pro SZP3 System says I don't have proper permissions to download and save files...any files. I checked the entities approved for sharing, and I wasn't listed in any file or folder...not only not listed but not even in the list of possible additions. Never seen that before.
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  1. Sounds like you don't have administrative rights on that PC.
    I wouldn't lose my job over downloading files on a work PC.
  2. People like me don't have those types of problems (we can't bring them home)....this is a personal PC, and I am the only here and there feel that there should never be a time when I don't control a possession. The funny thing is, I have apparently been removed from any consideration because my log-in name isn't option for extending permissions. My limited access name (Rob) appears in the choices, but not mine (Robert). I ran chkdsk several times and no issues. I also, have been blocked from using system restore. It creates point, but won't grant me access. Oh I almost op sys won't even let me shut/restart PC. It says I don't have the authority. I'm about to throw it out window. :sol:

    That being said, I plan to upgrade both my laptop (Win 7 SP 1) and desktop (XP Pro SP3) to Win 8.0 . Do you think the upgrade will correct any dll, driver or permission deficiencies?

    Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  3. Upgrade will not modify permissions unless it installs fresh, new directory.
    With that said, I would never touch Win8 XBox for dummies.
    You can install a new version of XP alongside that one, no format, so that you keep your data and transfer everything BUT permissions. :-p
    How did this happen btw ?
    As for Windows 7, people say in 64bit, it's better than XP-64 and more stable, however, I feel like you and want control. In Win7 they made Pointers to directories so that your personal directory is not accessible, you view a copy of it only. So cleaning up temp folders is harder now. Adding yourself as Owner/Administrator creates an infinite shortcut to directory loop that has no easy fix. In Windows 7 windows live mail is all pastel colors with white bars, I hate it, the background for e-mail is changeable, the interface and bars are not. It's all in the Office 2007 ugly design.
  4. Well, I solved the permissions issue with XP Pro. The pc got to a point where it wouldn't even boot-up from the XP Pro CD. So...had an extra hard drive formatted it and reinstalled everything. Almost ready to try Win 8 Pro To see how it fares against its predecessors. Since I troubleshoot for Verizon I need to get up to speed, before the helpless peeps with all their new toys at Christmas descend on us techs. lol

    Still having Permissions Issues in a slew of different areas of Win 7 Hm Prem (HP laptop). I do something on the pc one prob...and the next day I can't access it, Go figure (e.g., I save pix to hard drive and the next day they won't open). Not sure how I dug myself in so deep. I'm just surprised that there isn't a way to just do a wholesale reset of the Permissions, etc... I think I created more problems by trying to take Ownership of everything (frustrated).
  5. I hate to be in your shoes, but I am a techie too so, sigh, will have to train on WindowsForXBox users 8, sooner or later just to keep up.
    There is a way to restore Infinite Loop Problem in Windows 7, it's called Junction Box, it resets permissions to your private folders to original Pointers to a shortcut. I suggest a copy/backup before you do that.
    This is your "wholesale reset" that will get your private folders back to normal.
    I have less problems only because I don't use the default folders to store my stuff, for security reasons. Someone sniffing for photos in "My Photos" will find the default Microsoft crap.
    On the average, I don't mess with a system that is working to my liking and does not crash randomly or frequent.
  6. Thanks for the tip about Junction Box. I'll try that later in the week. Right now trying to set-up media server for the whole house, and that's got me majorly engrossed. It's an area I constantly get questioned about and have absolutely zilch experience, or book knowledge. But I will by Monday. lol
  7. Heh, ok, have fun !
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