Safe to run 1333 rated RAM at 1600?

I have 2x4 GB of G. Skill Ripjaws rated for 1333 speed, I was wondering if I set them to 1600 speed in the BIOS would I take a risk of damaging my RAM?
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  1. have the exact same ram and wondering the same thing. It seems to be okay so far but I haven't run it at that frequency for very long
  2. You won't cause any damage so long as you leave the voltage at stock which is usually 1.5v

    I can't promise that it will work or be 100% stable, you'll just have to try and find out. Worst case scenario you'll have to clear the cmos to reset the bios settings.
  3. it probably wont damage it, unless you sart increasing volts. But it will be unstable without changing ram timings and voltage. Its also pointless as the difference in real world performance between 1333 and 1666 is minimal. it might give you 0.1 more fps in games.
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