DirectX 11 Pics (ATI 5870)

(My Apologies If This Post Is In The Wrong Section)

Got My New PC Today And Thought That I Would Post Some DirectX 11 Pictrures For You Guys
I Dont No About You Lot But I Havent Managed To Find Many On The Net

Dragon In DirectX 10 Mode

Dragon In DirectX 11 Mode (Much Better Detail Then Dx10)

Tunnel In DirectX 10 Mode

Tunnel In DirectX 11 Mode

Rope In DirectX 10 Mode

Rope In DirectX 11 Mode

What Do You Think, Lets Hear Your Comments
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  1. really want to see this stuff implemented more.

    just fear we will feel the impact of the console market being more DX9/10 based.
  2. Nice to see thanks :)
  3. yea the heaven benchmark is awesome, sadly, it will probably be years until we actually see this kind of tesselation in games, look at AVP, the alien models barely look better in DX11 than in DX10, even with tesselation on.

    Also, the kind of performance hit this would give to an actual game would be astronomical.
  4. The tesselation we have today in actual games is rubbish, look at the new STALKER game and Dirt 2 no real noticable difference from DX10/9
    I guess it'll be awhile before we see tesselation like the haven benchmark. It does look amazing though, so much more realistic.
  5. Graphic Engines have a long way to make DX11 feasable on todays cards...


    EDIT: Let me re-phrase that... It's gonna be some time before we can run DX11 games on budget cards and hi res modes. /sigh
  6. I have been reading a lot about people playing with AvP then switching back to DX9 to see and saying the difference is absolutely Huge.

    Not just in relation to looks, but effects like acid blowing out the other side of the alien when shot, lighting and even animation even(? so they said once or twice)

    Read about one guy who sold his 1 week old 4890 just to get DX11 because the difference is so big in AvP...

    Is hard to find any good screenshot comparrisons though or reviews with good benchmarks :(
  7. Yuka said:
    Graphic Engines have a long way to make DX11 feasable on todays cards...


    EDIT: Let me re-phrase that... It's gonna be some time before we can run DX11 games on budget cards and hi res modes. /sigh

    I hope my 5850 wont become obsolete by the time DX11 is fully used, but it would give me an excuse to get another one :sol:
  8. Best review I have seen so far is (found by nrnx):

    Aliens vs. Predator DirectX 11 GPU test

    At time of testing they could not run DX9 tests with 5XXX series cards due to a bug...
    but bear in mind known similar performers like 4870 - 5770 or 285 - 5850:

    1920x1080 max settings:
    4870 min21 avg42
    4890 min24 avg47
    285 min36 avg71

    5770 min20 avg41
    5850 min36 avg73
    5870 min41 avg83

    It seems at this res there is almost no DX11 performance hit :D
  9. For the 1st scene, I perfer the graphic in DX11 mode.

    For the 2nd scene, I prefer the graphic in DX10 mode.

    For the 3rd scene, I prefer everything in DX10 except the rope.
  10. It will be some time before games truly optimized for DX11 are out. After all, you have to remember that the 5800 cards came out in September and it's likely that only a few choice developers got to play with them (and DX11) before that. Probably next year or so you will see more and more games take advantage of DX11 without halving system performance. For now, games like AvP will be the exception, rather than the rule. At least it's more likely that the next generation of DX games will be optimized for ATI cards simply because nVidia hasn't shown up to the fight yet.
  11. Thank you for getting me to figure out what you were showing off (Heaven benchmark). Dang, I thought it was Dragon Age for a bit! Ran the Heaven benchmark, and ran it and ran it... I have seen benchmark demos since the days of the Commodore 64 and THIS is the best I have EVER seen! The textures were magnificent, the lighting spectacular (or specular). Shadows were choppy (5870-1920 by 1200 full screen 4x) and sometimes the frame rates were down in the teens range. I could smell the grass, I swear.
    Overall, I would LOVE to play any game that looked so good. I cannot look at WoW with any respect anymore. Heh.

    One nice thing was I expected my XFX 5870 card to start howling when I ran this. I could barely notice the difference in the fan noise. Good recommendation for the XFX version if for that reason alone.
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