AMD Overdrive is it worth it?

So I was thinking about using it but I am not sure weather or not I should. Here are the specs to my PC

Corsair H100i
8GB DDR3 Ram Kingston HyperX Blue @1333mhz
MSI RADEON HD 7770 GHZ edition
Corsair TX650 power supply
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  1. For overclocking don't use it. Use bios!

    For fan control it's an option.

    For monitoring stick with cpu-z and HWmontior.

    Question is, what were you planning on using it for?
  2. I was thinking about overclocking my cpu a bit to like 4.2 just to get a bit more performance and since I just put a new H100i in there I figured why not try it out. The cooling temperatures seem pretty good ambient its about 8-14*C playing games like Battlefield it only ups to about 20*C(Without overclocking of course).
  3. You should overclock in bios, here is a guide to get you started:

    Post up here if you have any questions
  4. You can push your CPU to 4.4 without issues. Just watch the voltage..don't overvolt too much I would go max1.45v no more.
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