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Signs of a faulty cpu or motherboard

Last response: in Motherboards
October 30, 2010 8:28:38 PM


first i have already been to the video sticky so dont know tell me to go there yet again.

my problems have been narrowed down to a faulty motherboard or CPU .

yes i am 100% positive it is one of the two

so the problem i am facing is that my computer will freeze randomly or just lock up, i know this is not a ram error i have 2 different sets of Gskill 2x2 1600mhz ram and they work 100% in my other computer . have even run memtest on my new computer for 13 hours with 0 errors on every stick separately.

my system:

gtx 470 gigabyte (very nice gpu i must say)
arock am3 770 motherboard <-- really poor quality ( which is why i am suspecting it)
x3 720be <---(only reason im suspecting this is cause of the crashes.0
2x2 Gskill1600mhz cas 9 ddr3
750tx corsair(test in old computer with gtx 470 it ran perfect)
haf 932
WD 250gb sata ii hdd

i only have a 100$ left to fix this problem so it is between the cpu or motherboard.

* problem is freezing in any o/s i have tried* * never froze in memtest86 unless i do the probe test*

so cpu or motherboard >???
March 24, 2013 10:21:21 PM

It's the CPU, had the same problem. You would know if it was your mobo, you'd have a wider range of issues, I had an i5 2500k that got heat damaged. Has your heat sink been running correctly?