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Hi there. I am hoping to buy a laptop over the next few months, but it seems like nothing new has come out from Intel since last September. Does anyone know when the next set of mobile processors will be released? Specifically, I am looking for an update to the i7 920 QM or i7 820 QM. Thanks!
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  1. Intel just finished launching it's all new mobile platforms based on the Core I series, you won't see anything new until some time 2011 after Sandy Bridge is released.
  2. Oh really? Hmm. They released the Clarksfield set (Core i7 720 QM, etc) in September 2009, and I know that they are planning Sandy Bridge for 2011... but that is a lot of time in between. Are they really not going to release anything new (even an update, say a Core i7 740QM) for over a year?
  3. They may have new cpu models, or an I7 32nm refresh for mobile, but there won't be a new architecture until 2011.
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