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Help me OC 3570K

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January 3, 2013 9:32:46 PM

My rig :
Gigbyte Z77X - DS3
CM 212 EVO w/ Artic silver 5
2x8GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ
Windows 8 Pro

So here is my CPU journey so far:

Trying to stabilize @ 4.4ghz as follows:

PWM Phase - Extreme
Voltage response time - Trubo
LLC - High

Power savings options - Disabled (at least till I find a stable CPU setting)

1.235V - Stable on AIDA64 for 12 hours, although I noticed later 2 WHEA errors. Crashed repeatedly playing games - makes absolutely no sense to me. I am conviced AIDA 64 sucks compared to prime 95 - and will not be buying the full version

Slowly upped voltage more and more

1.250V Prime 95 semi stable - WHEA error within minutes
1.255V Fewer WHEA errors
1.265V WHEA Error after 7 hours Prime 95 small FFTs, Temps mid 80's

80C is typically higher than I have ever gone with a CPU in my overclocking experience (by about 10-15 degress lol) but this is my take:

I do want my CPU to las at least a few years, OC 24/7 at a stable and reasonable temperature.

My question - Do I keep pushing to 1.27V and hope for no WHEA errors? I'm concerned my temps may hit 86-87 tops.

Bottom line: I bought an unlocked proccessor and capable system for a reason. During games my temps average in low 60's tops. If I can pass a stress test without WHEA errors I would be very happy. At the same time, I don't want to melt this sucker....

Maybe I should downclock to 4.3

FYI 4.2 GHZ was stable during prime @ 2.35V for over 6 hours, no WHEA errors.

Damn ivy bridge so finickety. Stable in Prime and multiple WHEA errors - Sheesh.

Maybe there is another setting I should adjust slightly?

More about : 3570k

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a b K Overclocking
January 4, 2013 4:34:53 PM

I decided not to push any harder. I accepted that my invisible overclocking "wall" stops at 4.3ghz

That said, 4.3ghz 1.240 V prime 95 stable max temps 79.
Normal use / games don't push much past 60C

I conclude that for my particuar piece of silicone, this is the happy medium of speed, voltage, and temperature. .030 volts not worth the additional 100MHZ OC for temperature and longevity.