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I have a OCZ Agility3 120GB and a Corsair 64GB. I have the 120gb as the c drive with win 7 x64 installed on it. I formated the 64gb drive when I installed the 120gb drive after installing win 7. I have two external drives which show up fine.

When I look in my computer under hard disk drives I see the following:

System reserved (B) 71mb free of 99.9mb
Local Disk (C) 87.7gb free of 111gb
System reserved (E) 86.2mb free of 99.9mb
Local Disk (F) 55.gb free of 55.7gb

Should this be like this?

Also, how do I change the drive for things like downloads, photos so that they go to my external drives rather than C drive?

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  1. The sysetm reserved partitions are correct but you wouldn't normally assign them a drive letter.

    If you are talking about the pictures and downloads section in windows, that is part of your windows profile. You can move your user profile to the other drive.
  2. I didn't assign them a letter they just seem to have appeared like that, so that is why I am confused!

    What I want to do with downloads, photos etc is set one of the hard drives to automatically be the destination drive like C is at the moment. I wondered if there is a way to do this or if I just have to change the drive every time I want to put something on another drive - if that makes sense!
  3. Another thing I noticed is that since I put the Win 7 os on the 120gb it seems to take longer than when it was on the 64gb, is there any reason why this might be the case?
  4. Just to be clear: What is on the old 64GB drive now? You said you formatted it. Did you delete the partitions on it as well? Did you do a "secure erase" on it?
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