Computer restarts during gameplay


my computer restarts whens i play games such as aion, perfect world.

specs are :
intel core2 quad
cpu Q9550@2.83GHz
4gb ram
Geforce GTX 275
W7 home premium
thermaltake toughpower 600w

when i play 3d games such as aion it restarts instantly after loading the 1st startup picture and as for perfect world international i can play without problem for about 5-10mins only. but games such as warcraft 3 has no issues at all wheras lfd2 can be played perfectly if i change the settings abit.( btw even if i lower the settings for aion and perfect world it still restarts)

my comp specs and graphics card are fine but not being able to play 3d rpg games is kinda like wtf soo yehh..

ive done those heat test,ram stress test and benchmark and all those other things but no problems where found.

i havent had the chance to change parts around to test them but all parts were brand new.

soo my question is it coz mi psu is weak ?
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  1. I'm not exactly a fan of Thermaltake components, but their not too bad and 600W should be more than enough for a stock Q9550 and GTX 275. I'm supposing it's related to drivers if stress testing and other games work fine. Try downloading the latest drivers off nVidia's website - ForceWare 197.45.
  2. ty 4 ur interests in this topic =]

    my drivers are up 2 date back then and now and still cant~

    i was told in the psu calculator thing from another site tat i overall needed 540minimum and also tat psu's dnt give 100% of the ???watt. could tat b the case? or maybe (im not good with computers / parts) the gtx 275 has those required plugs or w.e and mi specific psu doesnt have it ?
  3. if u didnt plug ur graphics card in right it wouldnt work right. have you tried furmark for stressing the gpu and prime95 for stressing the cpu AT THE SAME TIME?> that would put lot of load on the psu so then we would be able to tall if its the psu...
  4. ive tried them seperately but not 2gether. ill hav 2 get back 2 u on tat 1
  5. ok...did u try monitoring ur temps with some program like speedfan or realtemp?
  6. cant remember which program but no probs with heating
  7. ok
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