I5 3570k needs overlock when using gtx 680?


Do I need to overlock my i5 3570k? I'm getting a palit gtx 680 jetstream, will play on a single 1080p monitor or it's just fine without overlocking my i5 3570k withouht CPU bottlenecking? The reason I get the palit gtx 680 jetstream because it's price it's equal to ASUS gtx 670 direct CUII non top here in my place (the seller op'ed the price because ASUS brand is popular)
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  1. The GTX 680 will not bottleneck the 3570k.
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    no, you don't need to overclock. you might get more performance if you do, but you don't NEED to. What do you think will happen if you get a minor bottleneck? will the world come to an end? So many people ask this question as if a bottleneck will ruin their lives. There is always going to be a small bottleneck somewhere in any system, nothing can be 100% balanced, but no, its not the end of the world.
  3. ok, thanks, I've ask because many posted that in order to run the GTX 680 factory OC'ed like the gtx 680 jetstream, you need to OC your CPU, guess it's not true. Thanks guys
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