Possible for GPU to use Motherboard DIMM RAM?

Seeing as

Integrated graphics solutions, or shared graphics solutions are graphics processors that utilize a portion of a computer's system RAM rather than dedicated graphics memory,

Is it possible to get a dedicated GPU to do this?
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  1. I would say no, and why would you want to take memory away from the cpu?
    Besides if your video card is too slow the way it is, adding 512 or even a gig to it won't make it any faster since access from the GPU to System memory would be slower than onboard GPU memory.
  2. Why not utilize Available System Memory? Which wouldn't be taking away from the CPU.

    If access from the GPU to System Memory is too slow that it wouldn't boost performance, then fair enough, but how can you be sure?
  3. Yes they used to do it ATI had Hypermemory and Nvidia had Turbo cache. They dont seem to use it these days, i guess it may still be a feature on the lower spec cards but mainstream cards dont need it.


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