Is the MSI DKA790GX Platinum any good?

i have a fairly new AM2+ AMD Athlon 2.7GHz Black edition and a low Budget and last Gen specification, which personally, i think is great as all the Amazing Motherboards of yesterday are now dirt cheap to buy.

i am looking for a board which has cross fire and able Over-clock easily. (This is the first time overlocking for me), but my motherboard is so terrible at the mo, that there aren't even any S.M.A.R.T HDD function, so really any motherboard is like gold.

i'm looking at the DKA790GX Platinum by MSI:

i here some people say you should only stick to Gigabyte, ASUS and EVGA when buying Mobo, but i have read decent reviews about this board, and at £82, it's not really breaking the bank.
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  1. It is a very good board, MSI is right up there with the others you mentioned in regards to overclock.
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