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Memory Running at lower frequency

I just noticed when my PC starts, I get this " Memory Running at 1066MHz
My PC Config is this.

TR3X6G1333C9 6GB Kit 9-9-9-24 240pin 1.50v Ver8.1
6GB 3 x 2GB - 1333MHz DDR3-1333

But Speccy and CPU-Z show it running at 539MHz (1078MHz)

What seems to be the problem?
How do I fix this so my RAM works at its actual speed of 1333 MHz?

I haven't Overclocked the CPU, RAM or GPU.

EDIT: Just made a few changes in the BIOS manually.
Please tell me if I am wrong.

Changed the Latency manually to 9-9-9-24

SET System Memory Multiplier to 10

However after these changes the system not only shows Memory at 1333MHz but shows the CPU @2.80GHz(133x21) was earlier(133x20)
Is that supposed to happen?
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    Ignore the 2.8, it is just showing turbo on start up. My X58 UD5(its like your board, just not quite as good) always did that.

    You should be fine

    One thing to watch is that as you do overclock, the memory speed will go up as well. You will end up having to drop the spd multi again to keep it from pushing past 1333

    As you push it or add more memory, the command rate(1T) timing may need to be set to 2T
  2. nukemaster said:
    the command rate(1T) timing may need to be set to 2T

    Command rate?????? I am unaware of this setting
    Can you please guide me.
  3. On your board, command rate is right under the settings you used to set the 9,9,9,24

    You will only have to chance it if things get unstable or in most cases if you decide to run 6 sticks of memory.
  4. The above is correct and the Memory Multiplier = 10, and UNLESS you changed the CPU Multiplier the TB is CPU Multiplier + 1. Also, I would manually set the DRAM Voltage to the spec 1.5V.

    Further, if you decide to OC I would disable TB {Turbo Boost} sounds catchy but it interferes in OC.
  5. Thanks a lot for the help guys
    really appreciate it.
    BTW I hope I haven't done anything wrong.
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