Hi. I have a Dual Nvidia GTS 240 (1GB each)system and was thinking of doing a upgrade on this graphics config, and was wondering what should I go with?..Does a single GTX 260 Core 216 have better performance than my current set-up or maybe the 275. Your Thoughts? Thanks
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  1. Did those come in a dell? because stock GT 240s arent SLI capable... Considering they are nonstandard dell cards I cant give you any benchmark comparisons...

    What is your price range, system specs, screen resolution, and purchase date?

    You display a very large range here... a GTX 260 is worth about $165 and a GTX 275 goes for $350...

    Personally I would suggest you not go with a Nvidia option--as ATI cards are newer technology right now. Most likely your best bet is to wait a week or two and get an ATI 5830 for $200-250, or to just go ahead and get a 5850 right now for $300.
  2. Well sort of, I recently bought a Alienware and it came in a Dual GTS 240 1gb setup. Ya I know, most people hate Alienware, but I didnt have the tech savvy or the time to do it myself and I thought it was a good deal. Hers what I know offhand about my system.

    Alienware Aurora X58 920 OC to 3.2 gb
    620 (320x2) RAID-0 GB harddrive
    650w PSU
    Nvidia GTS-240 1Gb Graphics
  3. I forgot to note that pretty much any single card would be fine if that's a Dell 600w PSU. The fact that you had 2 cards means they had to put in something decent.
  4. Well if you can afford it a 5850 would dominate basically every game possible, even at high resolutions.
  5. Ok, Im not real worried about the cost. I just want the best Graphics that I can run with the system I currently have without making a PSU change. Does the 5870 have better performance than the Dual GTS 240s?
  6. Yes, it has much much better performance than your two 240s. Get a 5870, game, be happy.
  7. Thanks for the info and help guys. This is the best damn tech website I have ever been on. Im glad my friend recommended it.
  8. Most cards above $145ish has better performance than your GTS 240s.

    Either a 5850 or 5870 would be many times more powerful. However, unless you are running a few very large monitors I highly doubt you will be able to tell the difference between the two--so I would suggest you save the $100 and go with the 5850.

    Toms declares the 5850 "Exceptional 1920x1200 performance, 2560x1600 in most titles" and the 5870 'Good 2560x1600 performance in most games"
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