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I have an asus en9600gt top, and I am adding an en9600gt to run in sli. I am probably going to either buy or make some heatsinks for the memory chips. Today at work a guy from the company that supplies all of our fasteners and 3M tape products stopped in and I asked him if they carry any type of thermal conductive tape. He asked me what it would be for and I told him, then he asked me what the surface of a memory chip is made of and I wasn't too sure. I know it really doesn't matter but any true enthusiast will tell you that when presented with a question you don't know the answer to, you have to find out. I searched all over the net but i guess this question doesn't come up too often. My initial guess would be silicon and possibly glass but I have no idea. Also, I don't know anything about conductive tape so is there a certain type I should be looking for or are they all about the same?
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  1. silicon is what it is made of

    but why do u want conductive tape? And are u using a laptop or a desktop?
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    The surface that you would be adhering too is the plastic memory IC package, not the silicon of the chip inside.
  3. I want to fasten the heatsinks to the memory chips on the back of the memory cards and I don't want them to fall off. It is a desktop.
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