Ultra X-Connect Cable

Can anyone tell me why Ultra discontinued the Ultra X-Connect Cables?

I just recently seen they existed but are now discontinued. Was there a problem with them?

I can't understand why a great modding product like individual power supply cables that react to UV would not have continued.

Does anyone know of a similar cable product available right now?

I'm very bummed about this product being discontinued. It would have looked great and gave me a lot more options.
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  1. Yea this is really sad. Ultra offered these cables (24 pin) for 12.99$


    but discontinued them, and the rest of thew line of X-connect cables. Now there's only one place that offers anything even close and the 24 pin connector is 54.99$, and its not even a single cable, all they did was take a normal 24 pin cable add UV connectors and sleeve each little wire individually. I guess when no one else will offer the product the market is ripe for gouging.
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