how does one enable turbo boost on an i7 because i went to download the monitor to see if it was working cause i was told the feature was suppose to be on by default cause of the bios but the monitor said i didnt have a supported processor which isn't true unless the i7 920 from 2009 doesnt have turbo boost in it.
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  1. What monitor are your referring to??

    Also, the turbo boost doesn't happen until you put the CPU under load which will help kick it it. And yes, the original & all i7 920's had turbo boost.
  2. the i7 Turboboost monitor that tells you what your i7 is running at clock speed wise with visual display.
  3. Download CPUZ, then download Prime 95. Run Prime95 single thread. Then see what the speed is in CPUZ.
  4. i did the Cpu-z test already i just wanna see the visual of the other test i just dont get why it wont install and keeps saying i dont have an i7 when i do.
  5. besides that how can one tell if turbo boost is working or not?
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