Msi p55 gd65 vs Msi p55"A" gd65

Okay so i absolutely love this MSI P55A GD65

But have been looking for the generic version.
MSI P55_ GD65

I have not been able to find the "A" on MSI's site to get more in depth details on that board. Nor have i found anything on major sites, always refers me back to the p55 Gd55 Etc etc. Anyone on here ever done a comparison for i have not found one on Toms or other sites..?
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  1. I've never seen a direct comparison between those two boards.
    But from my understanding the A model is a newer board which features usb3.0 and sata 3.
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    The "Big" differences are PCIe Scaling vs SATA3 + USB 3.

    Between the (2) which is more important?
    1. PCIe x16/x16 & SATA2 + USB 2 & CF or SLI
    2. PCIe x8/x8 & SATA3 + USB 3 & CF only
  3. OKay now next question. Both boards have 6 black SATA 3GB connections and each has a WHITE SATA connection *assumingly a 3gb* is that 1 solo connection supposed to be esata? Cuz TBH thats my first guess. secondly.. if its a generic port.. i vote we all Email MSI and tell them to make all there AM3, Lga 1156/1366 boards and start putting ONE of there sata ports up near the 24 pin connector for our 5.5" bays, or for cases that have front esata ports.
  4. The {White} is from the P55A-GD65 {SATA7/8 supported by SE9128} NOT the P55 chipset. The one up in the corner {blue} SATA9 supported by JMB363.

    P55A-GD65 -

    P55-GD65 -

    P55-GD65 USB3 {you never looked at the USB3 version}
  5. interesting once again TY Toms members for the help
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