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I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB drive. Long story short, the BIOS sees the drive, but states there is no boot device. I attempted to slave the drive to my laptop so I can copy off files/folders, but realized at that point I have a hardware failure. Drive will power up and sound like it will start, but then will click 5-6 times, and will sound as if it is slowly powering off.

That being said, I do need to recover files/folders from the drive. Does anybody in the Tom's Hardware community have any first hand experience or suggestion as to what company or provider they have had success (or at least a good experience) with? Any input would be appreciated. At this point, I'm above my skill level, and could use some advise.

Thanks Again!
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  1. Tbotch
    Most Data recovery places have a great track record at geting your data back... the real question is ... is your data worth the price that they will charge?
  2. Yeah...I've heard about the cost. I'll eat it. :cry:
  3. Try ubuntu rescue remix. It's very good, though does require a little bit of linux knowledge. RTFM before you use it.
  4. I priced out quite a few companies when my computer went down. There are some extremely expensive ones. I ended up going with DTI Data because they had the best pricing, and good reviews.
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