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I am searching for the name of the flow meter in this youtube video at 18:13
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    Most watercooling folks don't use flowmeters, especially ones of this design that would cause some significant restriction.
  2. Would this flow meter react with Mayhems Aurora liquid causing it to block up? The product says to not use any in-line filters and I wasnt sure if this meter counted as one.
  3. Why do you need a filter and flow meter? And why would you use Aurora as a long term coolant when it is designed to be a very short term use product?

    And why would you run a coolant when you should run plain distilled for the best performance?

    You shouldn't need a flow meter for 2 reasons:

    Hardware shuts down when it reaches specific thermal thresholds. It's designed to do this prior to reaching temps capable of damaging the hardware.

    You can get free temp monitoring software that can shut your machine down based on a temperature reading threshold that you set...its really simple and better's free and doesn't restrict flow rates.

    I'm betting this build is for someone who has never had watercooling so they want all the gadgets and coolants without knowing the downsides of them.
  4. What would you recommend then for a pure performance standpoint for the water for a loop? Distilled Water + any additives / kills coils ?
  5. Covered in the watercooling sticky.

    Distilled with biocide and/or killcoil.
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