I need someones opinion specially from the veterans. I have xfx 4850 in crossfire in my cm690 case. I love my gaming rig,built it myself from bottom up.My question is i really want to watercool my vga cards with a fullboard block. I found one from ppcs . It's xspc for $89. Or should i wait and get one badass card like the 5850?....i'm really lost with those 2 choices....thanks in advance.........oh i have my cpu watercooled ocz hydro 500,bitspower tank z 250..idles @ 19 load @ 23 when gaming. Let me know what you think....please!!!.. thanks Rafael
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  1. Personally I'd sell the 4850's and buy a 5850 or better, I see little point in spending all that money on 4850 waterblocks when the cards are becoming outdated.
  2. Simply said but i like it and yeah i'll do that...i appreciate that....Thanks a lot.
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