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Need a fix

Hi All,

I have a new P6X58D Premium, I7 960, Kingston KHX2000C9AD3T1KR, Coolmaster PSU. All newly purchased.

Trouble I am having is that the pc won't boot into bios at all. I get a 1 second power and then it shuts down.

I have reseated the CPU, looked for any bent pins. I have also tried to reboot without the ram and get the beeps saying there is no ram - it stays powered until i press mem ok button.

I have also tried the ram in different slots but still nothing.

As these are all new parts i am totally lost on what else to do. Any help would be great.

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  1. There are so many places a new build can go wrong like this that we really need you to double-check your work.

    Please go through this checklist THOROUGHLY - we would only have to ask you these questions one at a time anyhow:

    Let us know what happens - any odd findings - and we'll help you through it.
  2. thanks for that, but i did all of this yesterday. 3 checks in total. I have the motherboard out of the case and have tried the power as well. only getting the same response. only 1 second start then shutdown with the ram in.
  3. OK, thanks for that info.

    When you say you "have tried the power as well" do you mean you have tried a different, known-working PSU? Please explain.

    Also - a very long shot - please check your cable from whatever graphics adapter you are using (please let us know) to your monitor, and the monitor itself. Two weeks ago we actually had a PC that failed to boot like this until we replaced the DVI cable with a DVI-to-VGA adapter and connected the PC to the VGA port on the same monitor. Apparently a short somewhere (DVI cable or DVI port on the monitor) caused the PC to shut down immediately.
  4. I have tried 2 different PSU's. Both brand new, both different brands. Both gave the same problem. motherboard starts for a second then shuts down. I have read about people with voltage and ram but changing it in bios. Would be nice to even see bios...

    As for Video card, i have not even had it in as yet, but it is an old geforce card from about 4 years ago.
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    It won't boot without a graphics adapter.
  6. Twoboxer said:
    It won't boot without a graphics adapter.

    Thanks for the info.......I tried it with the video card in and out still got the 1 second start...... Then it dawns on me change the pcie slot. Ohh fkn glory. It comes on.

    I'd shout you a bottle of Wild Turkey if you lived across the road. It is always the fkn simple things. Cheers.
  7. NP! It's your smile . . . and the thought that counts. Enjoy the build :)
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