Random BSoD

I'm having some trouble with my pc.

I have a Packard Bell imedia x5142 with a foxconn motherboard.
Recently i bought a new power supply (corsair 750w, club 3d 5770 1g video card and ocz ram 4g ddr2-800)

So here's what happened thus far:
- I installed the psu and the videocard and everything went well, i had a stable rig running for two days.
- After the two days i deceided to place in the ram-sticks, the pc booted up really well and had no problems until is started to play WoW, the screen started to flicker and i got the BSoD
- The problem of the flickering screen remained and i deceided to replace the ram again with the original ram. Yet i couldnt get the pc running because when i tried to boot up, i heard a long beep.
- So i deceided to put the original video card back in allong with the original ram sticks.
- Back to the original settings i couldnt boot up windows anymore because of the fact my hdd seemed crashed. I replaced the hdd and i reinstalled windows again and everything seemded fine.
- Yet after an hour i started getting the BSoD again each time with random messages. I kept trying to reboot and got the same long beep again. I got the rig running again with some fiddling with the video card but the BSoD kept coming up randomly.

So this is basically the things i've done and what my status is at the moment. I've read that the mobo in my pc was made especially for Packard Bell itself.

I really i'm lost here. I ordered myself a new motherboard but i somewhat fear that the problem wont be solved with it. Some help here please?

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  1. New motherboard might solve the problem since it was fine in original configuration before but not after you reverted back to it. Running memtest on all you ram would though be a good idea http://www.memtest86.com/download.html
  2. My question is what BIOS code = "Long Beep" ; typically it's a GPU failure. I assume that you connected the HD 5770 directly to the PSU with it's own lead??

    Next, "IF" you can get it started then run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic, and restart; see if the BSOD is gone?
  3. It was simply a long beep, then i stopped for a while and then it restarted with the same beep again. I connected the card directly to the the 6-pin connector from the psu as it should be i think.

    I ran Memtest86 on the old memory and there were no errors. I'm running CPU Hot-test at the moment with the new ocz memory and old graphical card. The test is to be ended around 20:30pm, i'll post the results here.

    It's somewhat strange that yesterday i couldnt get it to work while today i didnt have any problems yet. Vista finished it's last updates without problems now and that might explain the random BSoD's but not the beep tone. Is it possible that the GPU fails sometimes and on other times not? Yesterday i couldnt get through the POST with the old videocard but today all seems fine. Or is it possible that there's something wrong with the PCI-connector on the mobo itself?
  4. Anything "is possible" - sure clean the PCIe {Card - Isopropyl/Rubbing alcohol ; Slot - compressed air}. If it were "me" I would also Clear CMOS after installing the NEW GPU and verify that the latest ATI driver set was installed {uninstall the old}.

    Don't forget the MSCONFIG test. Yes, you are correct to run the lead to the HD 5770 {it's a requirement!}.

    Good Luck with your test(s)!
  5. Ok, each and every test came back with possitive results, no errors what so ever. The BSoD's are staying away for the moment and hopefully they'll be in the future. However i still have questions:

    - Firstly, considering that every test was succesfull, my guess goes out to the videocardslot on the mobo failing every now and then. Both with the original video card and the HD5770 i got the message that the drivers were corupt and were fixed (one being a nvidia and the other one an Ati). I can say with 100 % certainty that both drivers were up to date with their most recent versions. So would my assumption be correct?

    - Secondly, I cant seem to adjust the RAM-timings in the BIOS of my pc, neither can i consult the current timings in CPU-Z, the fields are all greyed out. The new RAM-sticks i put in are the OCZ ones i mentioned above, they have a 5-5-5-1.8v timing. What am i to do with that?

  6. Additional: it's Phoenix Award BIOS
  7. 1. Uninstall the nVidia. Yes, you don't want corrupt drivers; if they were it would explain a lot.
    2. OEM BIOS on any PC is locked-down {Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway, etc}, and if there's no access to them there is nothing you 'can' do.

    I would do as @rolli59 recommended and also stress the PC using Prime95 - http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft/ you don't want a BSOD while Working nor Playing.

    Good Luck! :)
  8. I'm running the Prime95-test as we speak :)

    But isnt it curious that i got problems with two different drivers? The driver for my original card is nvidia, the HD5770 is ATI. Both had the exact same notification: driver is damaged and was fixed.
  9. The 'problem' is from switching; ATI and nVidia hate each other and purposefully look to the other to disable features. Example if you add an ATI to an nVida -- nVidia jumps to disable PhysX. This is especially if ANY control panel App is installed {Catalyst}.

    You got stuck in a war!
  10. Ok, now i can follow :) But it doesnt explain why i got the notification this morning on a freshly installed WinVista on new HDD with only nVidia and no ATI-drivers installed at all.

  11. Windows has the WQL drivers of both {nVidia & ATI}, swamping them back and forth is my 'best' assumption; Windows installs {attempts} when new hardware is introduced. I know the Control panels, I ass-u-me there's validity to the drivers.

    If the new drivers being installed 'fixed' the problem then it's a logical good 'guess.'
  12. The stress-test turned out fine, no issues what so ever. I'm going to update the driver for the nvidia once more, just to be certain. I think i'm going to replace the mobo either way, cant afford another systemcrash tbh.

    I would like to thank everyone who helped me out here, it's very much appreciated :)

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