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I have no idea what this is. I am supposed to enable ATI with Displays Manager. What is this. Or I am supposed to upgrade ATI adapter in the Catalyst Control Center. What??
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  1. Do you have CCC installed onto your computer? You can enable crossfire within their by clicking the drop down menu on the top left corner and selecting the crossfire tab, there you will see a check box click and apply and your done.

    Im assuming you have the crossfire bridge that physically attaches to each card. What is the model of the cards?
  2. Ok. I have to say - I don't know. All I know is that upon start up I get a warning and it says something like my CCC is not compatible with something on my computer and I have tried everything to get it compatible. I honestly don't even know what it is..
    Your questions are fine, but I don't know what they mean..............crossfire- I don't know.
    Can you give me 'instructions for dummies' on this?
  3. How did that post get here... must of accidentally posted it here instead of another one I was looking at.

    Anyway try and uninstall and reinstall the latest ATI drivers, from Add or Remove Programs found in your windows Control Panel. Maybe download Driversweeper to help clean out any remainder ATI or Nvidia drivers before you install them again.
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