When/Why should I update/reset BIOS?

I don't really know about BIOS.I've built a new computer a little while ago and sent it to service for a certain problem.When I went to take it back,the technician said "I've also updated the BIOS".
The problem was GPU related,yet the guy still updated the BIOS.

So,why or when should one update the BIOS? Or how do you know you should reset it back to defaults?

Thanks for enlightening =)
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  1. If the board won't post, then you can try resetting the bios. And you really don't need to update the bios unless it won't post with a cpu upgrade. Some oem boards by dell, hp, or gateway don't have the proper bios for updating the cpu, so flashing may be a waste of time and risky.
  2. You only need to update a BIOS when: 1. CPU is not supported, 2. H/W Conflict is identified and fixed with new BIOS, 3. Windows fixes {e.g. sleep states S2/S3}, 4. Stability {RAM/System} fixes, 5. Peripheral fixes.

    Carefully, review the BIOS History and ONLY update if there is a "relevant" need(s) to your particular setup and configuration.

    If the Technician updated your BIOS then I would "assume" there was a valid reason; hence the "need" for repair(s).

    You can "Clear CMOS" or "Load Optimized/Defaults" to reset the BIOS from any changes. Refer to your Manual for the Clear CMOS procedure {or simply unplug the PC AND remove the CMOS battery ~ 15 minutes}. However, IF there are BIOS tweaks necessary for your environment -> they will be erased and you'll need to re-enter those changes.

    Lastly, unless you are comfortable in the BIOS I would tend to recommend you not change the settings or at least not SAVE them.
  3. ^ Goooood Morning!
  4. Quote:
    @jaquith - morning dude.

    "if it's not broke then don't fix it..."

    there are reasons for BIOS updates, the main is of course cpu upgrades.
    some BIOS updates have enhancements, mostly minor. there should be details of every update.
    usually a BIOS update does reset the settings back to default.

    exactly what i was going to say...same thing applies to everything from cars to computers...

    "if it ain't broke dont fit it" :lol:
  5. because why would you replace a crankshaft or lifters?? if nothing is wrong with your engine why replace it?? (unless your looking at custom grind cams and beehive LS series springs for aluminum heads)

    sorry....bit of a horsepower junkie :D
  6. ahhh JDM......

    understand but im a V8 junkie lol although my truck has an inline 5cyl that put several B18 bolted hondas to shame and mine is a 4door.

    anyway...back to BIOS... lol.....

    if their is an update for your BIOS look at the description of the update...look at what it fixes and what not see if that is what you are looking for . if not..like we stated......if it ain't broke dont fix it.... lol

    i had a similar issue with the BIOS on my mini ITX gigabyte buy i needed the BIOS update to push my ram past the 1600MHz mark :D
  7. My old saying at HP "If it ain't broke, I still make it better" :sol:
  8. jaquith said:
    My old saying at HP "If it ain't broke, I still make it better" :sol:

    or like mine here at the IT department for the State's child support office.....

    "if it ain't broke............. some user will break it.....ahh job security " :lol:
  9. The cRazieR the better - as long as you're cool!

    @tx-jose - so it's you guys! I process REO data from both the State and Counties and MLS - "please with sugar on top" stop changing the frig'n format and data structures...
  10. hahaha hey hey it wasn't me :lol:

    I dont deal with the MLS i just do IT for the OAG here in Texas but i do know that the frequent change in structure drive our employees :pt1cable:
  11. Without going into 'extreme' details; just today I received new County data and quickly discovered (2) major syntax problems: Property_ID {1234-56-7890' '} trailing space and Subdivision_ID {0123456789 vs 123456789} leading 0's. And clearly NOTHING related to anything any longer so I had to write an impromptu script to go through 260,000 Parcels + 850,000 Sales records. Yeah too, not to mention a {|} pipe-delimited [CSV] file - DUH! WTH?!

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    Rant, Whine, Bitch...All good now!
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