Full Size Tower in Gaming?

I'm planning on building a new gaming rig to replace my current one. In the new system I will have:

ASRock X58 Extreme

Sapphire Radeon 4870

Intel Core i7-930 2.8GHz

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB

Two IDE Hard Drives
One Sata Hard Drive
One Dual Layer DVD Burner
850 Watt PSU (Yet to decide which one)

I'm used to working with full size towers, so I would like to buy one to go with this setup but I'm having a hard time deciding on any one of them. I'm looking for recommendations on full size towers that are worth the spending money that are below $170. The only one I had an eye on was the Antec 1200, but for the price, it seemed... lacking. Thank you in advance.

Also, any recommendations on other parts are welcome as well.
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  1. If you're going with an i7-930, you probably want to get 6 GB of memory, for tri-channel. You can go with the 4 GB kit, but you won't get quite the performance you would by going tri-channel. Other than that though, the Ripjaws are a good choice.

    Lots of people around here recommend the HAF 932 as being very roomy and having excellent airflow. I haven't worked with it myself, but it gets a lot of top recommendations on review sites as well. (Personally, I think it's ugly as sin.) It is $160 (+$25 shipping), not sure if you were counting the shipping in your upper limit.

    I will say that in general, you get what you pay for, especially with cases, as there aren't that many ways to make the "technology" different.

    Not having built recently, I can't comment on too many of the current cases. The HAF 932 and the Antec 1200 seem to be the most popular, though.
  2. Besides getting tri-channel RAM, you'll want to get a 5770 instead of a 4870. It performs and costs virtually the same, but it also supports DX11, HD audio bitstreaming, and Eyefinity while consuming less power. Support for the 5770 will naturally outlast the 4870's as well. And you'll only need a 750W PSU (preferably from Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, or OCZ), which would be more than enough to power two 5770s in CF. You definitely don't need 850W for a single card.

    On cases, the most popular are not always the best. IMO the Thermaltake Spedo and especially the CM ATCS 840 are better full towers than the 932 and 1200. The ATCS is a bit over your budget ($180) but it's worth the money and Amazon has it with free shipping.
    If you're okay with getting a mid-tower, I would recommend the Lian Li Lancool K62, Thermaltake Element G, CM690 II Advanced, and CM Sniper. These aren't much smaller (if any smaller) than most full-sized towers, and they offer more features at a lower price. The Sniper is actually larger than some full towers, and would probably be the best case for you at $140.
  3. I have been looking at the sniper as well. As blackjellonomes said, its 140, but i dont think he mentioned the free shipping.
  4. Thank you for the quick responses, I'm hoping to start building it this week, and to go off the suggestions:

    My favorite case by far, but outside of my price range is the Thermaltake Spedo. Everything about it I like, and had to stop staring at it so I could get other things done.

    As for the triple channel concern, I actually didn't know much about that, but switched the memory to:

    OCZ Gold 6GB

    The video card concern I can't really address though since the card I listed is the one in my current computer, lol. Wasn't planning to re buy one, but I do clearly see the benefits in the other which I may look for a way to do a bigger upgrade in the future. Since I don't know to much about SLI or Crossfire I can't comment on either of those.

    When I threw out the number for the power supply, I was hoping someone would correct me on what I needed, and this is the power supply I came up with.

    Corsair CMPSU

    As for what case I will pick, I'm deciding between the mid towers that Blackjellognor recommended. They all have a lower price point, look better, and offer more bang for the buck. Going to look up some video reviews of them now.
  5. blackjellognomes said:
    These aren't much smaller (if any smaller) than most full-sized towers, and they offer more features at a lower price. The Sniper is actually larger than some full towers, and would probably be the best case for you at $140.

    I checked into the Sniper after basically making my mind up and locking in on the HAF 932. Is the Sniper big enough to house 2 5000 series GPUs and keep everything moderately cool? I like the fan control features and that the case looks a little better than the 932 but is the cooling and amount of space inside really comparable?
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