HD 4670 painfully slow?

Hey all,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my brand new Sapphire HD 4670 1GB card. Previously, I had a Sapphire X1650 Pro 512MB. That card performed fairly well for me. ~20-25 fps on Flight Sim X at med high settings and all high settings on RCT3 at 1280x1024 resolution. After installing this new card and updating the drivers, I'm only getting about 10 fps on Flight Sim X at medium settings and very blocky performance on RCT3 at same resolution. Typical 3DMark 06 scores with default settings are around 8100 for the HD 4670, but I'm only getting about 5200.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Pentium D 930 (3GHz)
2GB DDR2-667
Sapphire HD 4670 1GB DDR3
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  1. did you make sure you got rid of all the old cards drivers? like cleaned it all up? sometimes a clean install helps a lot but that's about all i can say about that. I donno alot about the Sapphire's.
  2. I did. Should I RMA? Any other suggestions?
  3. Your 3d06 scores are right where they should be. You're not going to push anymore than 5000-5500 using a Pentium D. Yes, you can get 8100 (tops) with the HD4670, but I've only been able to get that high using a Q9650 and 6Gb of memory, or a 965BE overclocked to 3.78.

    Your HD4670 should be FAR faster than the 1650Pro and your 3dMark06 scores obviously are in line, so I'm not sure why FSX would be running so crappy. It's definitely not the card's issue. I'd do what Steadfast says and uninstall all the drivers, then reinstall. Beyond that, if 3d06 is where it should be, then it's got to be FSX related but I'm no expert on that game, so...sorry.
  4. Thanks to both of you. dkapke, are you saying that a score of 5500 should be running FSX better than what I stated or that it could run that well if I got a different CPU? Unfortunately, I'm stuck on a Dell so upgrading the proc wouldn't be possible, but I will possibly be getting a new desktop/netbook combo for college. Then this thing could be put to good use.. The only thing that's bugging me right now is the lower framerate in games... Will reinstall drivers and get back to you.

    Thanks again.
  5. It actually came with a P D 820 and I upgraded it to a P D 930 a few months ago. I don't think I can go much higher up considering I've still got my 305W PSU with a P D 930 and a HD 4670 attached. =)
  6. hmm get a better psu and upgrade to a pd 960 however.... what resolution is your system running at? anything less than 1600 and you will be using more cpu than anything. Is it possible to up the resolution on your rig? is your monitor capable? when you play at higher resolution the graphics card will take the load off of the cpu. Most bottlenecks are not caused by lack of cpu but are caused by the graphics card. if your graphics card is not pulling its weight then raise the resolution and it should solve the problem.
  7. darkjuggalo, that's good news considering I've got a 22" 1920x1080 monitor coming tomorrow. Currently, I've got a 19" 1280x1024 monitor. We'll see how much of an improvement (or deterioration) there is when it gets here. Also, I've heard PSUs can be a real pain for Dells (I've got a Dimension E510.) Thanks for the tips.

    Update for previous posts: I reinstalled my X1650 Pro and got a 1900 on 3DMark06. Uninstalled all drivers/CCC/etc and reinstalled the HD 4670 and got a 5600 in 3DMark06.
  8. MS Flight Sim is HEAVILY CPU-bottlenecked in all situations, that's why Tom's threw it off the testing suite, your CPU is holding it back.
  9. As sad as it is...yes...5600 is about all you'll see with that processor. Even upgrading to a 960 isn't going to push that card much further...maybe 6500. FSX is, like sabot00 said, CPU bottlenecked almost all the time. I can tell you, based on what I've seen the HD4670 do, that 8000 is about the most you'll see that card do in 3d06 no matter the processor. A heavily overclocked Athlon X2 240 (3.3Ghz) could get about 7500, but even going to a Q9650 at 3.6GHz only got it to 8100. The Q9650 at 3.0GHz (factory) was only 8,000. You can see where the card starts to bottleneck the processor at that point. No Pentium D is EVER going to push the card far enough. I wouldn't bother upgrading your PSU or anything else as you're simply not going to see any faster scores.

    I went through my list of computers I've built and I had a Pentium D 940 with an 8800GT 512Mb that couldn't even get 8200, yet that 8800GT paired with an E6850 could score over 11,000, and with an overclocked Q6600 could get 12,500. Heck, even a lowly Athlon X2 5000 could get the 8800GT up to 10,000. The Pentium D line just sucked for it's time. Stick with what you have and don't bother upgrading until you're ready for a new PC.

    Of course, I'll say this and someone else will say they got their PD up to far higher than I've ever seen it go and I'll look stupid, but... :-)
  10. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. Well, my new 22" monitor came in yesterday and I must say WOW! What an improvement, especially in FSX. I've got it on 1920x1080 with med high graphics and I'm getting about 25-30fps constant with AA compared to the 15-20fps no AA that I got with my 19" 1280x1024 monitor.

    I'll definitely be getting a new comp in a few months, almost certain I'm getting an i7. Right now, ATI is on top in terms of price-performance so I may be using this 4670 or maybe upgrade again.
  11. i told you the monitor would make a difference!
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