Confusion with installing a XFX 5850

Built my fist pc today, and only have 1 real problem/questions, regarding my 5850.

Here is my psu
and the card

My psu only has 1 6 pin and i was wondering what to do for the other 6 pins. Should i use a 4 and a 2?

The card came with 2 adapters, they have 6 pins on 1 end, and the other end has 2 white rectangles each with 3 of the 4 long pins filled.

This is the only part i have to finish for my build, any advice on how to do this, or is it not compatible?

*- ASRock P55 extreme mobo, if that helps.

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  1. The PSU should have a 6 pin, and a 6 pin with two additional pins connected to it, those two are detachable allowing it to serve as a 6 or an 8 pin PCI-E connector.
  2. I have the same psu, if you look at the box pictures and your cables coming out of the psu you will have a 6pin pci-e and a 8 pin pci-e. the 8 pin has the same 6pin and a flex 2pin attached for cards that DO need a 8 pin pci-e. that 8 pin can act as a 6 pin.
    6 pin pci-e are rated for 75 watts
    8 pin pci-e are rated for 150 watts
    So the 8 pin can stand in place and be used for 6 pin when needed.
    Use the 6+2 one in picture
    all connectors
  3. So, use the 6 from that one and then the other 6 pin one?
  4. yes
  5. Thanks!
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