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I have the following products, which i have built entirely and seem to power on, but i'm not getting any video output.

Motherboard: M4A785TD-V EVO/U3S6
Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 3.0 AM3

Any ideas why this might be happening or what i should check? I have no internal speaker, so i cant tell if I'm getting beep codes or not.
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  1. Wow ... That is one REALLY nice mobo !

    Do you have a discreet (PCIeX16) card installed?

    = Al =
  2. Run through the checklist in this post and let us know what you find for each step:
  3. Frigg.. I figured it out. Some metal on the I/O Shield was sticking in a usb port and causing the video not to display... weird stuff.
  4. Alvin Smith... for sure a sweet motherboard man. It was only $90 CAD too! Im using it for a media server, so its perfect with on board video and hdmi output
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