Is this CPU temp OK?

Hey so I just got my q9550 and I noticed one discrepency which is one of the cores stays the same like it's "STUCK" anybody knows if i should RMA this or thats ok??? And just to make sure plz tell me if this idle temp is ok???


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  1. I won't worry about it (Stuck Sensor or Idle Temps)...

    I had a similar issue with my Q9550 for my Dad's build. It won't effect anything. It is just a sensor stock but plays no factor in the performance. Your temps are not too high to be a concern on idle. I would recommend running Prime95 for two hours an determine what you load temps are, which is much more important than idle temps.
  2. Is there a way to "unlock" this stuck temp or it cant be done. Is that something i could/should RMA or just forget it?

    BTW. anybody knows what is a good vcore for 3.4 on q9550???
  3. I'd agree, your temps seem fine to me and I wouldn't worry about returning it unless it begins to cause problems which it shouldn't do. I can't recommend a good vcore value from my own experience for your processor. I would assume as low as possible whilst still being stable. However, have you read this guide from the Overclocking section of the forums?
  4. I wouldn't worry about it! It has no impact on the CPU's performance.
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