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Hi I have a Enermax ATX 12V Ver 1.2 model: EG465PVE
I was wondering if it could support a GTS 250
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  1. Probably........but I am not sure I would try it. Enermax PSUs are generally quite good however the only review I can find for this one is from 2003. If its that old I might consider replacing it with something newer.

    As you can see the test system includes a screaming fast Ti 4200 8x agp card :ouch:

    Either of these are a great replacement and also very high quality. Either should run a single GTS 250 with no problems. The 550 will give you some extra headroom though.

    Corsair 450VX
    Corsair 550 VX
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    The 250 draws 69 watts, your PSU is 465.

    Run your entire system thru here....

    I think the 465 will prove more than sufficient.
  3. That PSU should be fine for a GTS 250.
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  5. Its working just fine. The GTS 250 is amazing
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